Here are some companion compositions from previous Tactility Studies pieces, feel free to listen or not, and start or pause as you wish (:


Hello! Welcome to the Tactility Studies website ︎
Here, we have tried to gather together photos, videos, writing and other materials about the project since we first started the project in 2019, so that people (you!) can get a sense of our explorations and how Tactility Studies has grown and shifted over time.

With love, GuaKhee and Bernice

Image from Tactility Studies:
Soft Bodies

Photo Credit
Joseph Nair

Tactility Studies:  Soft Bodies

There are pillows and people and plenty of colours and texture. Looking more closely, on one side there are 4 people touching each other’s limbs and bodies gently, seemingly forming one larger connected body through having their hands on someone else’s ankle or knee. On the other side, a person hugs a pillow tightly while watching the other 4.

So what is Tactility Studies? Loosely speaking, it’s a long-term performance project jointly manifested by us (theatre and dance artists Chong Gua Khee and Bernice Lee!).

We started out simply wanting to work together, and then we realised that we were both intrigued by a concept of ‘the body as theatre’.

From there, we started exploring what it might mean to have performances taking place on or through the body, and specifically, the place of touch and tactility in performance – hence the project title ‘Tactility Studies’.

In each iteration, we play with how touch may be transgressive and reparative, pleasurable and profound… ultimately, we see the project as ‘eversive’ theatre, inviting performers and audiences alike to open up our bodies as the site and space for play and performance – to be soft, to wobble, to stretch and uncoil.

︎ Till we next touch