16–25 SEP 2020

Making Performances with Care: Approaches to Care and Intimacy in Performance-Making

Commissioned by the National Arts Council, Singapore


How do we centre care and intimacy throughout the process of performance-making? Can we design a flexible process to work with the varied needs and boundaries within a group, particularly when addressing intimacy as a theme or featuring intimate scenes?

This 15-hour (5 sessions × 3 hours) foundational workshop series is facilitated by 7 performing arts and applied arts practitioners whose work is deeply informed by considerations around care and intimacy.

The second session of this workshop series features an ‘Introduction to Intimacy Direction’ workshop, led by Lizzy Talbot from Intimacy for Stage and Screen UK. This session will count towards the required training to be accredited as an Intimacy Director.


Chong Gua Khee 
Bernice Lee


Chong Gua Khee
Bernice Lee
Chan Sze-Wei
Faye Lim
Rosemary McGowan (Rosie)
Lizzy Talbot


Nabilah Said


Corrie Tan


Lam Dan Fong