28 JAN 2021

Tactility Studies:
Exercises in Archiving

Created during a micro-residency at Dance Nucleus, and presented as part of Dance Nucleus’ online exhibition CIRCUIT #1 (2021)


As a project, Tactility Studies is deeply organic and shapeshifts in response to the worlds around it. Hence, Tactility Studies: Exercises in Archiving was an attempt to reflect on and trace these shifting contours from the conception of Tacility Studies in 2018 all through to the ‘Circuit Breaker’ period in Singapore in 2020. This archival work included creating a timeline of the project and the people involved in the project, as well as gathering artefacts from the process and annotating/cross-annotating them.


Chong Gua Khee 
Bernice Lee


Corrie Tan


Shawn Chua